Tips for Landlords Offering Student Lettings in Brighton

Landlords who offer student lettings in Brighton sometimes struggle to find tenants, despite the high demand for student housing. In many cases, the issue isn’t necessarily the cost of the rent, but the property itself. Knowing what students are looking for can help make your property more attractive and increase your chances of finding suitable tenants. Here are some tips:

Boast Local Amenities

Students want to be close to local amenities. They want to be in close proximity to pubs, takeaways and convenience shops. A large percentage of students don’t have their own transport, so living far away from these amenities will make your property an inconvenient option for them. Naturally, students are also looking for properties that are close to campus.

If you already own a property, there’s little you can do about the local amenities, but you should make mention of them in your advertisements. If you have yet to purchase a property, consider the local amenities and the ease of access to local transport before making a final purchase. Step into a student’s shoes and consider whether or not you would want to live there.

Focus on Social Space

Most students are looking for properties that offer large communal areas. Students tend to prefer large housing that can accommodate large groups. The more students the housing can accommodate, the more affordable the rent. At the same time, students want ample space to socialize with their friends and roommates.

Most UK students live in tenancies of four, so ensuring that your tenants have ample space to socialize is crucial. Sacrificing the lounge to make room for an extra bedroom may wind up costing you tenants.

Make Sure That You Have Broadband

Fast broadband is one of, if not the, most important thing to a student tenant. More than 80% of students look for properties with solid Internet access. This is up 30% from 2013. If you want your property to appeal to students, you need to make sure that broadband access is available, and that the connection is reliable.

Why is broadband so important? Today, most students rely on the web to not only socialize, but complete assignments, research and study as well. Not having a reliable broadband connection is an inconvenience that most students would prefer not to deal with.

Storage is Important

Many student landlords overlook the importance of storage, but most are looking for sufficient storage to keep their home tidy and organized. Ensure that your property has sufficient wardrobes, cupboards and other storage solutions available.

Offer Inclusive Billing

To minimize headaches and make the lives of your tenants easier, offer inclusive billing. More than half of students consider inclusive bills an essential factor when selecting a property.

When students are left to split the bills amongst themselves, arguments and stress often follow. Nearly one in ten students are left having to pay someone else’s bill. Landlords are also often left with unpaid bills at the end of tenancies that cause even more stress and headaches.

Inclusive bills are a simple solution that allow you to avoid all of these issues. As an added bonus, this type of billing is very easy to set up and manage.

Advertise Your Property Online

If you want to find student tenants, you need to advertise in the right places. Most students are online and will search for properties online. Gone are the days of advertising your property in local student magazines.

The vast majority of students are on Facebook and more than half are on YouTube daily. Consider advertising on these two mediums. Advertising your property on online student property portals is another smart idea.

You may also want to consider establishing a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. Reaching students in the right place can mean the difference between letting your property and having it sit vacant for several months.

The demand for student letting in Brighton continues to grow, which presents a lucrative opportunity for landlords. Understanding what students are looking for is the key to finding tenants quickly and easily. Properties that offer the amenities listed above are more likely to attract students and help ensure that you have tenants occupying your property at all times.